July 9, 2020


Last Thursday, the Financial Times ran a story titled “ArcelorMittal (MT) warns that the EU’s carbon goal will cost steelmaker up to €40bn”. The news was somewhat timely given our post that evening outlining our belief that risks due to a transitioning energy economy may be far more systemic than most appreciate.

We received several questions after our post that were all some variance of “So what does this mean, can you give me an example?”.

We’re going to unpack the ArcelorMittal story as a starting point to answering that question. MT is looking to cut emissions by 30% over the next decade and to be carbon neutral by 2050, two goals they established last year. Their recently released road-map to ‘how are we going to do that’ is a model for corporations to follow as they wrestle with the trade-offs between technical feasibility and associated costs.

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